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(May 2019)

CD1: 13 Tracks: Begone Bonnie Laddie * The Forester * The Maid Of Doneysheil * Sleepytoun (with Ellie Beaton) * True Lover John asz (with Len Graham) * The Braes O Broo * The Baron O Brackley (with Cameron Nixon) * Gie Me A Lass Wi' A Lump O Land / The Tarbolton Lasses (with Barbara Dymock * Lovely Armoy * The Hash O Bennagoak (with Hector Riddell) * The Lads O The Lindsay * The Groves Of Donaghmore (with Dáibhidh Stiùbhard) * Awa Wi Ma Laddie.

CD2: 14 Tracks: Martimas Time (Demo) * Alison Cross (Live) * Whaur Dae Ye Lie? * Billy Taylor * The Lang Road Doon (Live) * The Trawlin Trade (Live) * King Orfeo * Clerk Saunders (Demo) * Sean O Duibhir A' Ghleanna * Pad The Road Wi Me * Son David * Fisherman’s Wife (Live) * The Newry Highwayman (Live) * The Bonnie Lass O Fyvie / Silver Spear (Live).

This double CD is a unique collection of songs and music which marks Malinky's 20th Anniversary and their return to the recording studio.

Provides a remarkable variety of singing styles by outstanding guest vocalists plus, of course, the band's three vocalists.

CD 1 consists of new studio recordings with the current Malinky line-up featuring a number of guest singers, plus Euan Burton on bass. Provides a remarkable variety of singing styles by outstanding guest vocalists plus, of course, the band's three vocalists.

CD 2 is a collection of carefully selected tracks from the Band's previous albums plus 'live' tracks and one ‘demo’ track. Karine Polwart features in some tracks from early Malinky albums.

Having originally met in the Edinburgh session scene in autumn 1998, with their first full show in 1999, Malinky began as four people with the shared idea of performing a Scots song based repertoire in an era dominated by mainly instrumental groups.

Although the Malinky line-up has changed over time – the band's first two albums notably featured Karine Polwart - the line-up of Steve Byrne, Mark Dunlop, Fiona Hunter and Mike Vass has been together now for over a decade.

Malinky's belief in Scots song as a vital means of local expression has never changed and continues to motivate them twenty years on. Over the past two decades, the band has performed traditional songs the length and breadth of Europe, and from coast to coast in North America, releasing five albums and winning awards – collectively and individually - along the way.

To mark the 20th anniversary, the band wanted to celebrate the generation of singers who have inspired them. Barbara Dymock, Hector Riddell, and Len Graham represent the Lowland Scots, North-East bothy ballad, and Ulster song traditions which have shaped Malinky's tastes, styles, and repertoires over the years. In addition, the band were keen to mentor some younger singers who are part of the next generation which will carry on the tradition: Ellie Beaton (17), Cameron Nixon (20) and Dàibhidh Stiùbhard (23) have been identified by the band as emerging singers of note.

A handsel is a good-luck gift, given to mark a special occasion. What could be more special for any band than to celebrate twenty years spent doing what they love? Malinky see the new album as their good-luck gift to all the people who continue to support their music, and to the singing tradition that continues to inspire them to sing up and sing out.

Malinky line-up of : Steve Byrne, Mark Dunlop, Fiona Hunter and Mike Vass.

Guest singers Ellie Beaton, Barbara Dymock, Len Graham, Cameron Nixon, Hector Riddell, Dáibhidh Stiùbhard and Euan Burton (double bass).

Released on the Greentrax label who have celebrating and supported Scotland's Music for over 30 Years.

CD 1 was recorded in Glo Worm Studios, Glasgow, and mastered by Garry Boyle, Pencaitland. The front cover painting is by Michael Corr and design is by John Slavin of Designfolk.

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