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A collection of 50 original compositions for bagpipes, whistle and fiddle by Malin Lewis composed in the Scottish idiom.

Malin is a piper, fiddler and Smallpipe maker from Scotland much in demand as a player, performer and composer.

Malin studied at the National Centre for Excellence in Traditional Music In Plockton for two years before going on to study piping at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

The book includes popular tunes from Two Octaves and Bogha Frois and many more projects. Everything from march, strathspey, reel tunes, waltzes, airs to Balkan inspired 7/8's.


Marches - Ian Ruari's * Eddies's * Mary Lye's

Strathspeys: Willie McCallum's

Reels: Finlay Macdonald's * Elision * Quirks * Trans * Farquhar's * Eddie Brophy's * Iridescent * Fleet Wood * Lindsay System * Iain Of The Red Piano * Skye * Ardtoe * Be That As It May * We Apply Meaning * You Are Loved.

7/8s: Cucinema * Sea Thing Child * Triangles * Only Six * Ali Pentland's The Rock * Category Is.

Jigs: Marsha P. Johnson * Ducks * Two Octaves * John And Sue's * Pride * Ten Cullen Skink * Adventure * Bb Major.

3/4s: Cloud Home * Cats.

5/8s: Govanhill * Plockton * Effervescent.

Slow Reels: Eilean Shona * The Old Inn * Chris Lee * Refugees * The Light Is Better Here.

Airs: Shoe Bay * Planted In Stone.

Mixed/Other: Orange * Orange Triangles * Lobsters * Luna's.

A4 Landscape, 54 pages.

"This is a hugely engaging, stirring and memorable collection of tunes. It illustrates Malin's immersion and understanding of the unique nuances of Scottish Traditional music, whilst bravely finding beautiful fresh ideas in melody and rhythm." Donald Shaw.

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