Malachy Tallack - From The Thorn

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(October 2009) 11 tracks: More Than A Lifetime * Creeping Willow * Over & Over * In Other Worlds * In The Nightime * The Sadness In Yourself * Just Making Do * A Space * For You * Wounded Man * Last Man Standing.

Self-penned songs from this great Shetland singer and his powerhouse of a band. The songs are cleverly worded and the voice has quality and character.

Malachy Tallack (guitar, vocals) with Astryd Jamieson (piano, vocals), Steven Laurenson (guitar, vocals), Graham Malcolmson (bass), Paul Mullay (drums) and Rory Tallack (fiddle, vocals).

Recorded by Marvin Smith in Aith, Shetland, and Jamie MacLean at Butterstone Studios, Perthshire. Additional recording by Steven Laurenson at Stuffed Squirrel Studio. Produced by Steven Laurenson with Malachy Tallack, mastered by Andrew Tulloch at The Blue Studio, London. Artwork and design by Eve Eunson.

"Most of the songs on this album were written in Fair Isle and first performed at the Fair Isle Bird Observatory. Folk on the Isle probably sat through them far too many times, so I thank them for their tolerance. But I thank them also for much more than that - more than I can even begin to put into words. If this album has a home anywhere, it is in Fair Isle." (Malachy Tallack)

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