Majella - Spinning Wheel

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(March 2002) 13 tracks (44 mins): Another Year Passes * Bunch of Thyme * Dear God * Old Maid In the Garret * Spinning Wheel * Isle of Innisfree * A Mother's Love's A Blessing * Hannigan's Hooley * Too Ra Loo / Wild Irish Rose / When Irish Eyes Are Smilling * This Song's Just For You * The Green Glens of Antrim * The Singing Bird * Morning Has Broken.

Compiled from previous recordings - easy-on-the-ear folk and country.

Majella (vocals), Duncan Findlay (guitars), Dave Pringle (keyboards), Rhona MacKay (harps), Graeme Brierton (bass), Harry Barry (drums), Dougie Stevenson (steel guitar), John Carmichael (accordion) and Dave Smith (strings).

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