Mairearad Green And Mike Vass - A Day A Month

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10 Tracks: Puirt: Ille Bhig / Ruidhlidh Na Coilich Dhubha * Jigs: Sgiandudh / Mrs Grant's Of Bught / The Deserts Of Tulloch * Dhomhuil * Buntata * Catch: Catch And Kiss The Romp / Rise Ye Lazy Fellow * Megs: Whisky Welcome Back Again / Cawdor Fair / Meg Mhor Na Lurachan * Reels: Miss Isabella Reid's Reel / The Earl Of Seafield's Reel / Sheep Shanks * Hyndford: Earl Of Hyndford / Peggie's Wedding * Miss Muir: Miss Muir MacKenzie * Hail: Failte Do'n Mhisg.

A collaboration between talented composers and musicians Mike Vass and Mairearad Green.

A few years ago they decided to meet one day a month to write and play music together. However work commitments made this sometimes impossible however, the concept for their album 'A Day A Month' was born.

Mairearad and Mike are well kent in The Scottish Traditional Music scene have been friends for a long time and have played music together in various combinations over the years.

This album includes only Traditional melodies sourced from books such as The Gesto Collection of Highland Music, The Atholle and Highland Collections and The Moidart Collection.

The pair recorded the album in a small croft house in Mairearad's home village of Achnahaird, and have enjoyed discovering such a wealth of great meloidies to record and perform.

Mike Vass (fiddle, tenor guitar), Mairearad Green (accordion).

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