MacUmba - Don't Hold Your Breath

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(1996) 17 tracks: Moonshine * Mo Chuachag Laghach Thu * The Selkie * 6/8 Itapuan * Son De Megalomania * Cullen Bay * Heaven Scent * MacCrimmon's Lament * Fairy Glen * Lochanside * Sandy's New Chanter * Just Five More Minutes * Loch Roag * A Man's A Man * Damp Carpet * Ruby Grant * Megalomania.

A unique and exciting Scottish bagpipe, Caribbean and Brazilian Samba drum crossover group.

Musicians are Beckie Israel, Tamara Hedderwick, Kirstie Cohen, Guy Elder, Erinclare Scrutton, Olive Millen, Paul Tyag, Elim Jacobsdottir, Tom Salter, Rob Welsh, Mike Molleson, Neil Gillies, Toby Shippey, Neil Hay, Stevie Hawkes, Mark Sadler, Mark Engal, Don Albrecht, Ali De Comores, Hilary Smyth, Abel Moura, Rose Moura, Elaine Hartley, Conrad Molleson, Wannabe Star, Nicola Scrutton, Fi Cook, Ian Macdonald, Finlay Macdonald, Fionna Macdonald, Paul Fox, Ian Orr, Caroline Ward, Ed Higgins, Neil Lamont, Bobby Grant, Ian Grant, Liz Cuthbertson, Andy Nicol, Ross Martin, Alison Walker, Graham Walker, Colin Walker, Robert Walker, Davy Watson, George Dunwoodie, Ian Murray, Johnny Gauld, Josie Peruccini, Colin Blakey and Valerie Dupin.

One of Greentrax Recordings' all-time best sellers. Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas, alone sold over one thousand copies of the album.

"MacUmba, a beast apart from any other Scots ethnic/roots band, and a wonderful one at that... Music to marvel at..." (John O' Regan)

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