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(1997) 13 tracks: Sheila Gordon of Weem * Tha fadachd cian do ghaoil orm (Long Have I Missed Your Love) * 'S truagh nach d'rugadh dall mi (Alas That I was Not Born Blind) * Hai-o eadaraibh o * Ho-ro 's toigh leam fhìn thu (How I Love You) * Waulking Song Set * Buaidh na bàrdachd (The Muse) * A' fàgail Ghriais (Leaving Gress) * Haghaidh o, haghaidh o * Chi mi thallad (See Yonder) * Is e cho prìseil dhomh (So Precious to Me) * A' fighe le feur (Knitting Grass) * Leabaidh Naoimh Aula (The of Saint Aula).

This is the first group album by sisters Fiona, Gillian and Eilidh from Gress on the Isle of Lewis.

Eilidh won the coveted National Mod Gold Medal in 1987. She recorded an album on Temple Records entitled Eideadh an Sgeulachd and later became a member of Mac-talla.

Gillian, also a National Mod Gold Medalist has performed extensively as a solo singer, and in duo with Eilidh, over the years. She now lives and works in Edinburgh where she is a solicitor.

Fiona is a very talented singer, and one of the members of the Edinburgh-based traditional band Anam. Her singing can also be heard on two albums with the band Seelyhoo, which includes the Wrigley Sisters from Orkney, Sandy Brechin, and Jim Walker of Ceolbeg.

Guests include Blair Douglas, Ged Grimes, Fred Morrison, Patsy Seddon, Mary MacMaster, John Martin, Arthur Cormack, Christopher Marra, Wendy Weatherby, Eilidh Shaw, Rory Campbell and Michael Marra (who also produced the recording).

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