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(December 2017)

The much anticipated book of Fraser's compositions, featuring £50 Cashback, The C-Side and much more.

30 original compositions for all instruments, melody line and chords and includes 10 pipe settings.

Special thanks to Creative Scotland's Tasgadh fund administered by Fèisean nan Gàidheal for supporting this project.

Contents: Foreword * Contents * An Introduction * Beginnings * Feisean nan Gaidheal.
Reels: Abandon Ship * Get Her Goin * Angus MacKenzie's * Grey Lag * K's * Lesley Shaw's * Numb Nut! * Perspex Ball * Ross And Eilidh's * Slumberland's * Grahame Allison's * The C-Side * The Islay Sessions * Earthship * So Grey! * Octomore.
Jigs: £50 Cashback * Force 10 * The Machrie * Grainne Brady's * Bruichladdich * Give It To Me Straight * Murmuration * Don't Know Yet * Strings And Blowy Things * Split * Three Stages Of Kevin O'Neill.
March and Airs: Grahame Allison's (4/4 March) * Air Chall (Lost), Caoidh Sandy.
Pipe Settings: Get Her Goin * Angus MacKenzie's * Lesley Shaw's * Perspex Ball * Grahame Allison's (reel) * £50 Cashback * Bruichladdich * Strings And Blowy Things * Split * Three Stages Of Kevin O'Neill.
Photographs * Tributes and Stories.

Also available on CD - MacIle: The Music Of Fraser Shaw Fraser Shaw

"The tunes in this collection have a style of their own – a real identity – the hallmark of any great tunesmith. The tunes range from emotive and plaintive to rhythmical and driving, and they will be a joy to play for any instrumentalist. This is a wonderful legacy of Fraser – piper, musician and true gentleman." Fred Morrison.

"His time in this world may have come to an end, but Fraser’s music shall surely endure through this collection and the playing of his tunes, as shall the love that his fellow musicians and peers had for this remarkable young man, taken too early." Arthur Cormack, Fèisean nan Gàidheal.

"His airs are evocative and poignant, his jigs and reels upliftingly melodic and rhythmic. Fraser's spirit lives on in his music – I will never tire of playing and enjoying his brilliant tunes." John Somerville.

"Thank you for the music Fraser Shaw. You blew my mind: one of the most exciting composers of modern Scottish folk music of our generation." – Adam Sutherland.

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