Bruce MacGregor, Sandy Brechin and Brian Ó hEadhra - Sonas

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(November 2008) 13 tracks: The Droving Lads * Oganaich Mo Chridhe * John Roy Stuart * Taladh Na Beinne Guirme * Goat Island Reel * Waltz In Time * Mo Chaileag Bhon Eilean * Sometimes It Doesn't Work * Jewel Of The Ocean * An-raoir Bha Mi Coiseachd * Source Of The Spey * Sitting On The Stern Of A Boat * A Chailin Alainn.

Fiery tunes and beautiful songs from the Gaelic and Scots tradition by three of Scotland's finest musicians.

The trio in this debut recording comprises Bruce MacGregor (fiddle) from Inverness, Sandy Brechin (piano accordion) from Kirkliston and Brian Ó hEadhra (guitar, harmonica, vocals), originally from Dublin and now resident in Inverness.

Sonas, meaning happiness or bliss in Gaelic, consists of traditional and original tunes and songs, a number of which were written by the artistes themselves. These three seasoned artistes have drawn on a wealth of tunes and songs from the Gaelic and Scots traditions, as well as each being acclaimed composers in their own right.

The trio have been performing in Scotland and abroad over the past year and have wowed audiences with their choice of material and lively stage performances.

"After every concert, audiences were constantly seeking to buy a CD with the three of us all playing together. Sonas answers this demand and we tried to capture the live sound and mix of music and song as best we could." (Brian Ó hEadhra)

"We are very happy with the final outcome of the album. Some of the stand-out tracks for me include The Chorus Jig set and the beautiful song Tàladh Na Beinne Guirme." (Bruce MacGregor)

"We are now looking forward to doing more concerts and festivals at home and abroad. We hope that the people who purchase the album will enjoy what audiences have experienced to date at the live concerts." (Sandy Brechin)

"With band credits behind them including Blazin' Fiddles, Burach and Anam, this trio of leading Scottish and Irish musicians brings a wealth of experience to bear on their debut recording together. A sparkling array of instrumentals match drive with delicacy, soul with swing and fire with finesse, potently interspersed with the timeless eloquence of Gaelic song." (Sue Wilson)

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