Lori Watson - Yarrow Acoustic Sessions

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(June 2018)

10 Tracks: Yarrow (a charm) * The Flytin O Life An Daith * Fause, Fause * The Sense Of Being Lonely * Fine Floors In The Valley * Dowie Dens O Yarrow (V1) * Capernaum * Flooers O The Forest * What A Voice (Blackbird) * October Song.

The latest release from Scots singer and fiddle player Lori Watson.

This album is inspired by the Yarrow Valley near her home in the Scottish Borders and Lori skilfully intertwines poetry and traditional songs presented in striking contemporary arrangements.

This project supported by Creative Scotland.

Lori Watson (vocals, fiddle), Duncan Lyall (keys, harmonium, double bass), Steven Byrnes (guitar, bass drum), Fiona Black (accordion).

"Yarrow has left an impression on artists and their poetry, music and art over the centuries and has become an inspirational place for me. History, folklore, landscape, our connection to nature and how we use natural imagery to express and understand our experiences: this collection began as an evolving digital album of monthly releases, each crafted in its own time, exploring the Yarrow valley in the Scottish Borders." Lori Watson.

"Watson stitches poetry and traditional songs from the Scottish Borders with her own melodies and visceral, multilayered arrangements." Jude Rogers.

"Yarrow Acoustic Sessions is an album that matches all that you would ever hope for from a woman of such repute and intrigue, a piece of natural glory in which to take your time over and reflect within." Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision.

"Yarrow Acoustic Sessions is the latest release from Scots singer and fiddle player Lori Watson. Inspired by the Yarrow Valley near her home in the Scottish Borders, Watson weaves together traditional tales and ballads with a bold contemporary artistic vision to create striking and unforgettable interpretations of much loved Scottish classics." Mischa Macpherson, Folk Radio.

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