Liz Doherty and Fiddlesticks - Racket In The Rectory

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(February 2000) 14 tracks: Lime Hill / Sarah's Fiddle / Laurel's Reel / The Mortgage Burn * Gallagher's March / My Friend Sharon * Krapulakatrilli * The Unst Bridal March * Kantara to El Arish / Trad / Trip to Windsor / The Devil's Delight / Hull's Reel * Untitled / Untitled / Cataroni (Jigs) * The Reel of Joy * John Steven of Chance Inn / Ross' Reel No.4 / Frank's Reel * Untitled / Untitled / Willa Fjord / Sleep Sound in da Morning * Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast * Armagh Bhreagh / Nettles in the Bed * A Travers la Vitre / La Cuisiniere / Reel de la Main Blanche * John Pellerine's / David White's / CBC's Glen and Carl / Just Cruising / Iggy and Squiggy * Waiting for Emilie / Michael Turner's.

Liz Doherty with her fiddle group Fiddlesticks.

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