Victoria Police Pipe Band - Live in Concert in Ireland

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14 tracks: Hornpipes (Uphold the Right * Ronda Blair) * March, Strathspey and Reel (Lord Alexander Kennedy * Atholl Cummers * Mrs MacPherson of Inveran) * 6/8 Jigs (Troy's Wedding * The Hen's March * Alan MacPherson of Mosspark * Glasgow Police Pipers) * Hornpipe, Strathspeys and Reels (Maxville via Satellite * A.A. Cameron * The Caledonian Society of London * Quick Waltz) * 2/4 Marches (Tom Wilson * Clan MacRae Society) * Hornpipe, Strathspeys and Reels (Acoustic Barbarians * J.F. MacKenzie * Smith's a Gallant Fireman * Christie MacLeod * John Keith Laing * Acoustic Barbarians) * Waltz, Reel and Jig (The Country Girl and the Hungarian Fiddler * Bass Face * The Changeling) * Quartet: Hornpipes and Jigs (The Blair Highlanders * Ernie's Impact * Emma Street Exodus * The Techno Fiend) * Hornpipes and Reels (Acid Piper * The Bulgarian Bandit * Adrian's Obsession) * Pipe Solo (The Mad Hornpipe * Annette's Chatter * Bronni's Blue Brozzi * Jean's Fancy * Going Home. Highland Cathedral) * Suite - Murray's Fancy * Solo Piper) * Belfast Child (Belfast Child * Airlie's Big Day * Belfast Child) * Pipe Trio (The Hellbound Train) * Medley (Daryl Boyle * Murray's Fancy * The Dirty Lough * Reverie * Helen Young * Mrs Donald McPherson * Shovel Tongue * Megalomania)

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