Litha - Dancing Of The Light

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(March 2012) 14 tracks: Blind George * Mondlicht * Rosie's Reels * Icarus * Herr Oluf * Slow Air / Waltz * Zwiefache * Gypsy * Archway * Waterlily * Winterreise * Nun Will Der Lenz * Flying Dairymaids * Ready For A Jar.

Four renowned musicians from Europe, two from Scotland and two from Germany, all with a shared passion and love for traditional music.

Originally called 2Duos, this highly musical combination has discovered the common ground and kinship between two great traditions and blended them into a new and exciting sound. The name is pronounced "Lee-tha" and is an anglo-saxon word for midsummer.

Their passion, experience and musicality have proven to be a huge success amongst both audiences and promoters. Their huge variety of possible instrumental and vocal combinations gives Litha a sound that takes the listener on a journey not only through their home countries but also through the common ground shared between these two great cultures and beyond.

Aaron Jones (vocals, bouzouki, guitar), Claire Mann (flute, fiddle, whistles, vocals), Gudrun Walther (vocals, fiddle, accordion) Jurgen Treyz (guitar, dobro, vocals).

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