Linsey Aitken And Ken Campbell - Shore To Shore

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(May 2018)

13 Tracks: Come On In * So Far From Here * The Star * Miss Mackie Frae Perth * Orkney Isles To Hudson Bay * Adieu France * People's Dreams * Da Aristo * The Bonny Ship Balclutha * The Hills Are Clad In Purple * Clydeside * See That Rainbow Shine * One People One World.

A second CD from duo Lindsey Aitken and Ken Campbell, a mixture of original songs and instrumentals.

Many tracks focussing on their Scottish connections around the world, each with a story, and most of all about people and histories of the past and present.

Linsey Aitken (vocals, cello, ukulele), Ken Campbell (vocals, guitars, northumbrian pipes).

Ada Chau (piano), Alasdair Robertson (accordion, backing vocals), Fiona Cuthill (recorder), Jim Lightbody (piano, bass, backing vocals), Nick Turner (backing vocals), Stevie Lawrence (percussion, mandolin).

"Fortunately, people seem to really like what we do, and ask what kind of music we perform. The answer is not one genre or another, but a blending of everyone and everything we have met along the way. A coming together of both our musical journeys, combined into one together, with elements of our respective musical backgrounds in Celtic, Classical, Traditional, Contemporary Music and all else." Lindsey and Ken.

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