Lindsay Weir Scottish Dance Band - Reels 'N' Heels

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(November 2018)

16 Tracks: Eva-Three-Step: Miss Sheena MacMillan Of Coille Mhor Cottage / Kenneth J MacLeod * Gaelic Waltz: Mo Mhathair / Loch Duich / Peggaidh A Ghraidh / Mull Of The Cool High Bens * The Riverside Jig (8x32J) Bert Ferguson / Crucifield / Da Sooth End / Kirsty's Ceilidh * White Heather Foxtrot: Dance Of The Roag Salmon / The Craic At Clashmore Hall * Ceilidh Kids' Birthday Circle (8x32R) Georgie Greig's Reel / John Cumming Of Embo / Fleur De Mandragore / The Calgary Fiddler's Welcome To Shetland * Soldiers Lullaby * Gay Gordons: Thomas Saunders / Crags Of Tumbledown Mountain / Seann Triubhas * Boston Two-Step: Guntrum The Dane 1994 * Canadian Barn Dance: Lewis And Harris Piping Society / Braes Of Castle Grant * St Bernard's Waltz: Miss June Burns / Misty Island * Britannia Two-Step: The Garvin's Welcome To Harris / The Duke Of York's Visit To Balmore * The Castle Of Mey (8x32R) Prince Charlie / Fiona MacLeod / The Brolum / Dolina MacKay * Polka: Granny Fraser's 101st * Can You Feel The Love Tonight * Hoolichan's Jig: The Tap Dancer / Mrs Campbell Of Sheerness / The Celtic Matador / George And Sally Thornburn's Ruby Wedding * To Finish: Pumpkin's Fancy / The High Drive.

A toe-tapping selection of ceilidh dance music from the Lindsay Weir Scottish Dance Band.

Lindsay is originally from the Black Isle, she was steeped in the traditions of Scotland all her life. Her love and enthusiasm for all things Scottish is as strong today as when she started playing the accordion at the tender age of 6!

Lindsay is joined by the talented Shetland fiddler Gemma Donald, winner of the coveted Glenfiddich Fiddle Championship in 2006, she has been playing fiddle for almost twenty years and is well established in the Traditional Scottish music scene.

Colin Garvin, from Glasgow engineered and produced the album as well as playing 2nd accordion, piano, keyboards. With Alan Irvine on drums with occasional assistance from Alan Kitchen on piano and John Sinton on double bass. A stellar cast of fine experienced musicians!

The band is in much demand providing ceilidh music with regular sessions recorded for BBC Radio Scotland.

Lindsay Weir (accordion), Gemma Donald (fiddle), Colin Garvin (2nd accordion / piano / keyboards), Alan Irvine (drums).

Guest Musicians: Alan Kitchen (piano) and John Sinton (double bass) on tracks 2, 6 and 14.

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