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(February 2018)

18 Tracks: Smelling Fresh (James Duncan MacKenzie) * Eilean A Cheo (Mairi Therese Gilfedder) * Sheol Am Bata Fair Is A-Null / Latha Siubhal Beinne Dhomh (Lurach) * Chase The Ace (Mec Lir) * Ivan's Waltz (Angus Nicolson Trio) * The Ale Is Dear / The Steampacket / Marion Campbell Of Benbecula ( Robbie Greig) * Aoidh Na Dean Cadal Idir / Amadan Gorach Saighdair / Nead Na Lach As A' Luchair (Eabhal With Kaithlin Ross) * Father Eugene's Welcome To Cape North / Turboshandy / Brucie And The Troopers / The Amorous Lover (Hecla) * Mist Of The Moors/ Awakening / The Lairds Dance (Iain Donald MacGillivray) * Piob Mhor Part 2 (Tide Lines) * Moladh Eabhal (Fuaran - Robbie Grieg) * Magregor Of Rora / Hogties / The Silver Spire / Traditional Laddie (Angus Nicolson and Coll MacDonald) * Seanamhac Tube Station / The Cat And Dog / My Mind Will Never Be Easy ( Malcolm Bushby) * Here We Go Ab Reels (Trail West) * Linden Lea (Far Flumg Collective) * Calum Campbell's: Dunskellar / Stranded In Sollas / Jimmy O'Hara's ( Christian Gamauf / Jamie MacDonald / Anna Wendy Stevenson/ Cameron Grant) * Fly Close (Canach) * Tingles (Elephant Sessions).

This album showcases the music of University of the Highlands and Islands students and alumni.

‘The Musicians’ Nest’ (Nead nan Ceòladair) features tracks from artists who crafted their skills at the Benbecula campus of Lews Castle College UHI.

Many of the performers have made their names as award winning musicians performing on national and international stages including: James Duncan MacKenzie, Angus Nicolson Trio, Mairi Therese Gilfedder, Robbie Greig, Seonaidh MacIntyre with Trail West, Ali Turner with Tide Lines, Greg Barry and Euan Smillie with Elephant Sessions, Tom Callister and Greg Barry with Mec Lir.

Stòras Uibhist Sealladh na Beinne Mòire Community Fund supported the development of the CD as well as the production of short films showcasing Uist as an attractive place to live and study in.

"Having been brought up in Uist in a community steeped in Gaelic culture, it gives me great pleasure to see so many musicians having the opportunity to experience this wonderful place surrounded by beautiful landscape and inspiring educators at Lews Castle College in Benbecula." Award winning singer and multi-instrumentalist Julie Fowlis.

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