Lewis and Harris Accordion and Fiddle Club - Our Favourites vol 2

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(March 2010) 23 tracks: Padraig Og * Ochoin A Righ Gur E Mi Tha Muladach * Ross-shire Volunteers * George M MacLeod Of Aignish * Braes Of Castle Grant * An T-eala Bhan * The Battle's Over * Memories Of Valerie * Braes Of Brecklett * Kenneth J MacLeod * The Glasfield Ladies * Murdo MacLeod * Sarah's Song * The Guga Hunter * Margaret MacDonald Of Coll * Donald MacLean Of Lewis * Thig Am Bata * Donella Beaton * Four Marys * Willie McColl * I Bhi Ada * Heights Of Dargai * Whistling Rufus.

Showcasing again the talents of members of The Lewis And Harris Accordion And Fiddle Club, young and old.

Solos, duos and groups perform, in mainly pure traditional style, a diverse selection of jigs, reels, marches, slow airs and waltzes.

Featuring Anna Fraser, Alex Murdo MacLeod, Violet Morrison, D B MacLeod, Gillian Johnson, Donna MacDonald, Iain Angus MacLeod, Alex Morrison, Duncan Gordon, Archie MacKillop, Ishbel Crichton, Willie MacDonald, Campbell Scanlon, Anne Louise Stewart, Ian 'Tonkan' MacDonald, Graham MacLennan, Chirsty Watt, Josie Duncan, Stuart Taylor, Leody's Young Fiddlers, A J MacLeod, Woodlands Ceilidh Band, Campbell MacIver and Emma MacDonald.

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