Leonard Brown And Maggie Adamson - Shades Of Shetland

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March 2022

12 Tracks: Back Up And Push * Boston Two-Step * Waltz To Lauren * Grand March * Da Fladdabister Fiddler * Tommy's Tarbukas * Kimberley's Waltz * Le Gigue Legault * Jimmy Cassidy And The Sandance Kid * Bygone Days * Jack Daniels * The Four String Polka.

12 Tracks: Waiting For The Federals * Allie Flaws' Two-Step * Frantic Frenchman * Willow Springs * Sunset Over Foula * Da Lounge Set * The Highland Wedding * Fiddle Roosters * Quendale Bay * The Miller Set * The Orange Blossom Special * The Final Fling.

This superb double album 'Shades of Shetland' will give you a flavour of the signature Shetland Two-steps, feisty fiddle reels and sombre slow airs.

This is blended in with some scintillating Scottish, interesting Irish, authentic American and colourful Canadian tunes.

Some of Shetland's most popular melodies feature from composers such as Willie Hunter, Tom Anderson, David Halcrow, Ian Burns and Ronnie Cooper.

Leonard and Maggie, both Scottish Champions, deliver a musical journey with style.

Musicians: Leonard Brown (accordion), Maggie Adamson (fiddle), The All-Star Band comprised of Duncan Findlay (banjo/guitar), Liam Stewart (piano), John Sinton (double bass), Malcolm Ross (drums).

Special guests on selected tracks, Canadian Emily Flack (step-dancing), Malin Lewis (smallpipes), Ross Ainslie (whistle), Jimmy Cassidy (harmony accordion), Màrtainn Skene (Cello).

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