Leonard Brown And His All Star Band - Next Dance, Please

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(December 2018)

17 Tracks: Edinburgh Mixture: Tommy Darling / Horo My Nut Brown Maiden / Andrew's March * St Bernard's Waltz: Roses In Bloom * Sailor's Hornpipe (8 x 32R): Original / Storrar's Hornpipe / College Hornpipe / Lowe's Hornpipe / Chester Hornpipe / Trumpet Hornpipe / Original * Square Tango: El Choclo / Por Una Cabeza * Flirtation Two Step: The Ornithologist * Brecon In March (5 x 40R): New Town Of Edinburgh / Dunaskin Glen/ Miss Jane Of Violetbank / Katie Shaw's Reel / The General Election * Viennese Swing: Reine De Musette * Jazz Twinkle: The Conundrum / John Carmichael's Farewell To Scotland * Bratach Bana (8 x 32R): Original / Alastair An Duin / John Donald Of Coullie / Deveron Reel / Boland's Favourite * Boston Two Step: Irene Watson's Birthday Boston * Southern Rose Waltz: Sorrento Thoughts / Schneewalzer * White Heather Foxtrot: 57 Shades Of Gray * Four Hand Star (8 x 32R): Mrs Mary Printy / James Forrester Rankine / Telephone Box / Marco's Reel / Inchmickery * Mississippi Dip: Whistling Rufus * Riverside Jig: Joan's jig / Mrs T M Robertson / Parnell's Dragoons / Argyll Is My Name / Ewan MacPhail's Two Step * Lomond Waltz: Waltz For Mia / * Circassian Circle (6 x 32R): Dirk Komer's Reel / Highland Lassie / Bessie Bell's Reel / The Borestone / Billy Thom's Reel.

A superb mix of Scottish Country dances from Leonard and his band.

This CD is dedicated purely to Scottish Country dance, perfect to create a dance programme... from waltzes through to hornpipes, jigs and reels.

All you require to get the dancing started!

Leonard has played extensively across the United Kingdom as a soloist and with his band.

Leonard Brown (accordion), Iain Anderson (fiddle), Liam Stewart (piano), Duncan Findlay (banjo, guitar), John Sinton (double bass), Malcolm Ross (drums).

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