Leonard Brown And His All Star Band - A Toast To Scotland

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(May 2017)

This double disc DVD is a tribute to the golden age of Scottish dance music, dance band leaders, entertainers and singers from yesteryear.

The DVD is presented by Roya MacLean and narrated by Ian Lees.

Over 2 hours playing time with beautiful scenery from all over Scotland and with a host of great musicians including John Carmichael, Iain MacPhail, Roya MacLean, Kyle Rowan (Bagpipes).

Sir Jimmy Shand MBE - The Bluebell Polka * Introduction To The Button Box with Ian Cruickshanks * Will Starr's Jacqueline Waltz * Tom Alexander - The Flying Scotsman * The Alexander Brothers - Two Highland Lads (with Liam Bonthrone and Kenneth MacIver) * Lindsay Ross' Out at the Meadowband Inn * Andy Stewart Medley * The Rumour - with Leonard Brown * The Northlands * Loch Lomond - with Alex Hodgson * The Hogmanay Jig * James Scott Skinner's Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord with Paul Anderson * Robbie Shepherd MBE - Take the Floor - 35 Years On * Scottish Country Dancing with Bonnie Anne * Caledonia - with Shona Donaldson * Iain MacPhail

Filmed and the Salutation Hotel, Perth and various locations around Scotland.

Leonard is one of the busiest accordionists in the country, he is in much demand as a solo performer, band leader, session musician and guest artiste at accordion and fiddle clubs.

Leonard and his All Star Band made their debut session on Take The Floor on 6th May 2017.

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