Last Of The Scottish Wildcats

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(January 2009) (61 mins)

The first film to capture rare footage of these unique creatures in their wild habitat, and to fully investigate the threats facing their future, through interviews with the people dedicated to saving Britain's last wild feline.

Far back in the history of Scotland, clans formed together under the image of the wildcat and fought wars for the independence of the land. Today less than four hundred Scottish wildcats remain in the wild, and the extinction of Britain's last large mammal predator could come within the next decade.

Whilst Government is working out what to do about the problem, an unexpected mixture of film-makers, writers, sculptors and photographers, united by their interest in the species, have started working towards its conservation.

"Public awareness is so essential, the greatest threat to the wildcat is that very few people outside of the Highlands realise they're even there, and only handfuls of them fully understand the threats to the wildcat or how to help. Fortunately, communication is exactly what creative artists spend their whole life doing." (director and producer Steve Piper)

"Counters the myths about the wildest of cats, featuring beautiful scenes of the creatures in the Cairngorms" (Sunday Telegraph)

"The Scottish Wildcat is a forgotten wildlife tragedy... this moving film highlights their desperate plight." (Daily Mail)

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