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(July 2008) : Langass * A' Chailinn Aluinn * I'm A Rover * Cha Dachaigh Dhomh An Saoghal * Gaol Na h-Oige * Dannsa Rathaid * Oran Do Iain Bhreac Macleoid * Park Bar Song * Orain Dhomhnaill Dhomhnaill Bhain * Loch An t-Sithean * Eva Three-step * Chi Mi'n Gaemhradh * Fadachd An t-Seoladair * Kenny 'There You Go' * Gad Chuimhneachadh * 'Se Siabost 'S Boihche * Tunes To The Loom * A Ribhinn Oig.

A charity compilation album of songs and tunes for Isles FM.

Featuring lots of artistes with western isles connections: Runrig, Calum Campbell, Kristine Kennedy, Iain MacKay, Dena MacIver, and more.

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