Anne Lorne Gillies - The Lady of the Lake (with Rhona MacKay)

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(September 2002) 12 tracks: Soldier Rest, Thy Warfare O'er * Not Faster Yonder Rowers' Might * Hail To The Chief Who in Triumph Advances * The Ballad of Alice Brand * Ave Maria * Coronach * Far, Far From Love and Thee * Mary, Blanche of Devan's Plaint * Blanche of Devan's Warning * The Saxon Soldier's Song * Roderick Dubh's Lament / Slow Air: Lament for Sir Roderick Dhu * The Lay of the Imprisoned / Huntsman.

Anne Lorne Gillies (vocals) and Rhona MacKay (clarsach and concert harp). Supreme talents of classical Scotticism have created this album of harp, clarsach and voice. Dr Anne Lorne Gillies, Mod Gold Medallist and internationally acclaimed singer, combines her singing and arranging skills with the playing of the renowned harpist Rhona Mackay.

The lyrics of two of the world's most celebrated songs - Schubert's 'Ave Maria' and the US Presidential theme 'Hail to the Chief' - were written by Sir Walter Scott as part of his poem The Lady of the Lake. The poem - set in the Trossachs, Loch Katrine, Loch Lomondside and Stirling Castle - became hugely popular throughout Europe and America, and was translated into many languages. It contains the lyrics for another ten songs, for which Anne Lorne Gillies, one of Scotland's most distinguished Gaelic singers, has now composed melodies. The result is an original fusion of new and old, traditional and classical, Highland and Lowland.

"Scott's poem is brought vividly to life" (Stirling News)

"Anne Lorne Gillies and Rhona MacKay should be declared national treasures of Scotland" (Oban Times)

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