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(March 2006) 12 tracks: Doina * Jasmina * Lakatosh * Souvenir De Villingen * Muller * Fintan Waltz * Smelka * Sunday Freilax * Changes * Connie's Swing * Polonez * Shara.

A contemporary fusion of Russian folk, European Gypsy and Hot Club music, making for a tremendous style and swing.

Guitarist Nigel Clark and violinists Lev Atlas and Oleg Ponomarev (formerly of Loyko) stride, slither and strut through a melange of haunting, brooding and enchanting pieces.

All world-renowned musicians, this trio bring brio to everything they play.

"With Koshka, Oleg takes the music in exciting new directions while still retaining that Russian Gypsy magic that has won him hearts everywhere... Nothing less than incandescent virtuosity for the duration of the show." (The Scotsman)

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