Kirkjuvagr Ceilidh Band - Dance Wherever You May Be

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14 Tracks: Eva Three Step * Boston Two-Step * Reels (6 x32) * Modern Waltz * Jigs (8 x 32) * Mairfair Quickstep * Gay Gordons * Old Fashioned Waltz * Festival Glide * Reels (4 x 32) * Swedish Masquerade * Mississippi Dip * Southern Rose Waltz * Bonus Track.

A second album release from the successful family band the Kirkjuvagr Ceilidh Band from Orkney.

They demonstrate their own unique toe-tapping style with a selection of Orcadian, Scottish and self penned tunes.

Kirkjuvagr (kirk-ee-var) is old norse for 'Church On The Bay', and is the meaning of their home town in Kirkwall.

Recorded and produced by Attic Records.

The Kirkjuvarg Ceilidh Band are: Tina Paterson (accordion), Dawn Stout (fiddle), Kathleen Wood (acoustic guitar), Johnny Wood (drums, cajon), Lee Paterson (keyboard) and special guest Kathleen Burgher (piano).

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