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(1999) 13 tracks: Gooseberry * Finnish Polkkas * Dans Loudeac * The Duck * Tralalavalsen * Slow Air * Countdown * Cleveland Park * Ekelundapolska * The Salvation * And his Dog * Wing Commander.

Gavin Pennycook, from Glasgow, started playing the tin whistle when he was seven years of age and moved on to the fiddle a couple of years later. Pretty soon he started playing with the St. Roch's ceilidh band and also won the all Ireland junior fiddle title. He developed an early interest in traditional music from all over Europe, which has been nurtured more recently by spells spent living in Scandinavia, Ireland and England. Gavin was an original member of Deaf Shepherd, and has recently toured extensively with singer/guitarist Ross Kennedy.

Tony Campbell, from Dublin, has been playing the bouzouki since the early part of the nineties. Before that he had played in various groups and ensembles on the Dublin music scene. Since moving to Glasgow five years ago he has been a regular on the session and folk club circuit, learning from Scotland's rich and diverse musical culture. He has also in the past played with the well known Scottish folk group Setanta and the renowned Cork fiddler Garoid 0'Leary.

Frances Morton, from Glasgow, began playing piano at the age of six and started to play tin whistle and flute at the age of eleven. She comes from a strong musical family, and like Gavin, played in the St Roch's ceilidh band. Frances is a former All Ireland junior flute champion. She has been playing regularly on the session scene both in Scotland and Ireland since she was fifteen and has played and toured with bands like Kick and Tannas. Frances is also an accomplished teacher of both the tin whistle and flute.

Kinnell play music with a strong Scottish backbone which permeates through to tunes from all backgrounds. A cosmopolitan collection of tunes are meshed together into a fabric of melody which is rich in colours and textures. Forever striving for musical excellence, they fit tunes together like the pieces of a jigsaw, trying to exercise the listeners ear with original arrangements that are both tasteful and tuneful.

"...half Scottish plus a large helping of Irish, garnished with tunes from all over Europe." (Living Tradition)

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