Kila - Gamblers' Ballet

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(Autumn 2007) 9 tracks (45 mins): Leath In A Dhiada a Hocht * Electric landlady * Cardinal Knowledge * Duisici * Seo Mo Leaba * Fir Bolo * Boy Racer * Her Royal Waggeldy Toes * Cabhraigi Lei.

Another collection of fast and lively songs and tunes in Kíla's gloriously eclectic style. World, Irish and Street music collide in a fusion of fun and full-on energy.

Irish band Kila have been perfecting their musical skills for over twenty years. They formed in Colaiste Eoin school in Dublin, back in 1987. Since then they have travelled and toured extensively across the globe, enriching their musical skills and rich vocabulary of sounds.

Bubbling over with new ideas, but still full of the energetic tunes and percussive Gaelic vocals that are Kila's trademark.

"A record where you feel you're getting your musical passport stamped in a different location on every song, it finds the septet losing nothing as they bring the energy and freewheeling quality of their live shows to the studio - and sounding like someone just remembered to hit record during one hell of a get together." (RTE)

"Kíla bring their particular blend of contemporary, paired with layered arrangements and an undoubted World music sensibility." (Irish Times)

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