The Kidz Halloween Album

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(2004) 21 Tracks:21 Tracks: Ghostbusters * Monster Mash * Hedwig's Theme * We Love Halloween * Thriller * The Witch With The Twitch * The Addams Family Theme Tune * I'm A Little Zombie And My Name Is Fred * Unchained Melody * It's Cool To Be A Ghoul * Jeepers Creepers * Halloween Party Rap * Theme From Bewitched * Spooky Boogie * Vi The Spider * I'm A Wizard But) I Wanna Be A Popstar * Black Cats And Pumpkin Pie * We Love Halloween * The Littlest Broomstick * Monster Mash * Goodnight...And Don't Get A Fright.

And not just for kids, either!

Seasonally scary tracks covering rap, disco, boogie, film theme and rock.

Some you'll know, some are new and some are sss-strangely familiar!

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