Kevin Macleod - Springwell

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(May 1999) 16 tracks: Scottish jigs * Scottish pipe and fiddle reels * Seaforth's 9/8 pipe retreat marches * Freeland's and Sandy Bell's hornpipes * Waltz from Orsa * Hawaiian Hapa Haole Hula Girl * Falls of Glomach and Balmacara * Austrian Zither Landler * Donald MacLeod's pipe hornpipes * Robert MacDonald's Schottisches * Cock o' the North and old pipe reel * Scottish 3/4 pipe marches * Flaco's Polka and Russ's Reel * Dance from Marmaros * Faeroese waltzes * Scottish 2/4 march and Californian reel.

Acoustic mandolin, bouzouki and resophonic guitar from Scotland and beyond. With Alec Finn, Frankie Gavin (De Dannan), John Martin (Tannahill Weavers), Malcolm Jones (Runrig) and Freeland Barbour. Kevin is also a member of The Occasionals.

"This is one you’ll want on your CD player, just try prizing it out once it is in" (Irish Music Magazine)

"The use of no less than nine beautiful and varied stringed instruments gives the music a delightful timeless quality" (Scots Music)

"Springwell is a fine example of a musician exploring parallel traditions in a fresh and original way" (Rock ‘n’ Reel)

"From start to finish this is a sheer delight" (Scots Magazine)

"He confidently stamps his mark on a joyous tour of mostly Scottish fiddle and pipe tunes" (Froots)

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