Kenny Thomson and The Wardlaw SDB - We Twa

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(July 2006) 17 tracks: Mideltone Silver (5x32 Jig) * The White Rose and the Yellow Waistcoat (8x32 Reel) * Miss Betty Ferguson of Dumfries (4x32 Strathspey) * Horsewell's Jig (8x32 Jig) * Heatherbrae (1x88 Reel) * We Twa Encore (8x32 Strathspey) * Renaissance (4x32 Jig) * Dumfries Rambler (4x32 Reel) * Ian and Joan McKenzie's Strathspey (3x40 Strathspey) * The Sound of Cara (8x32 Jig) * The Annan Reel (3x32 Reel) * Corstorphine Road (4x32 Strathspey) * Iain's Obsession (8x40 Jig) * Barton Barbecue (4x32 Reel) * Rossway (3x32 Strathspey) * Let's Celebrate (4x40 Jig) * Slainte Mhor (1x64 Reel).

Scottish country dances devised by Moira Stacey and Sue Petyt.

Moira and Sue are well known and well respected on the Scottish Country Dance scene, teaching, training teams, and writing dances.

Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw play some excellent sets for seventeen of the girls' dances - reels, jigs and strathspeys.

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