Kenneth Ross, Margaret MacKinnon And Their Friends

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(September 2008) : Caol Muile * Fil ò Rò * Mhòrag òg * An T-alltan Dubh * Mo Shùil Ad Dhèidh * Caoin An Guth * Gleann Bhaile Chaoil * Bruthaichaen Ghlinn Braoin * Sine Bhàn * Mo Ribhinn Choibhneil * Gu Ma Slàn Do Na Fearaibh * Mo Rùn Geal Dileas * An Cluinn Thu Mi.

Although resident in Germany for many years, the opera singer Kenneth Ross was originally from Strathpeffer.

On this CD of Gaelic song he shows off his amazing voice with the help of many friends on instruments and backing vocals.

Sadly, Kenneth Ross died in June 2010.

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