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May 2022

12 Tracks: Slow Air: Lexie "a Chook" (Lexie Daughter Of Norman, The Cook) * 2/4 Marches: Alastair T Fisher's Farewell To Ardnamurchan / John And Maureen MacKenzie Of Port Charlotte * Waltzes: Rhona's Waltz / The King's Waltz * Jigs: Kenny's Ceilidh / Karen's Jig / No Signal At Sanna * The Sanna Barber / Cion a' Bhuntata (Scare o' Tatties) * 6/8 Marches: Norman McNiven's March / Jean And Ian MacKenzie * Slow Air: Sunset On Sunart * Hornpipes: Graham Milne Of Hillhead / Alexandra's Dance / Dr M J Leonard's Farewell To Kilmarnock Road / Dr Lesley F Milne / Moira MacDiarmid Of Ormsaigbeg * Slow Air: Marie MacKenzie's Welcome To Caberfeidh * Reels: Granny Bheag's Pancakes / Rona MacKillop's Reel / The Road To Cheesbay / Heather Mullet's Wee Reel / Katie Jean Milne's Graduation / Welcome Rosie Morton / Dougie's Dunny / Agony In Arbroath * Waltz: Philip Santus's Trip To Tob * Lament: Glendrain * 4/4 March: Alasdair Gillies MBE.

The latest album release from multi-instrumentalist and composer Kenneth I MacKenzie.

This Scottish traditional music album is inspired by the history and landscape of the Highlands.

Glendrian takes its listeners on a journey through northwest Scotland, from Sanna to Uist.

The album's title track takes its name from a depopulated settlement in Ardnamurchan – a peninsula in Lochaber and an area with family connections for Kenny. The lament's poignant pipes reflect the hardship and poverty people experienced in Glendrian living off the land and the sea.

Kenneth I MacKenzie (whistle, Highland pipes, digital chanter, harmonica).
Guest Musicians: Will Marshall (piano, accordion, synth), Donald Black (tremolo harmonica), Marie Fielding (fiddle), Rory Grindlay (drums), Tom Oakes (acoustic guitar, flute).

"I've spent the last few years composing the tunes featured on this album. To my delight, many of them seemed to resonate with trad music fans and fellow musicians online over lockdown and it spurred me on to record this collection of material – my first album in almost 20 years." Kenny MacKenzie.

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