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(December 2007) 9 tracks: Dowie Dens Of Yarrow * Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie * Mirk, Mirk Is This Midnight Hour * Birks Of Invermay * Will Ye Go Tae Flanders? * The Learig * The Death Of Queen Jane * The Wife of Usher's Well * Can't Weld A Body (bonus track).

Multi-award winning Karine Polwart returns with her third solo album - a set of traditional songs, plus one bonus track penned by Karine herself.

Karine Polwart's third solo album is a dark and intimate affair, which marks a quiet public return to traditional Scots song for the award winning singer-songwriter. This is where her musical career began almost a decade ago, as a member of folk groups Malinky and subsequently Battlefield Band.

The songs have never lost their power - the pared down arrangements of ballads and love songs feature little else than sparse piano or guitar accompaniment, with the odd daub of atmospheric colour.

The performances showcase Karine's warm and earthy vocals and assured storytelling.

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