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(December 2006) The Big Wellie Set * Bah Hamburg * Alister's Bass Fiddle * The Duck Set * Use It Up And Wear It Out * Easy Peezy * Funky Whippets * The Happy One Step * Cheetham Hill * William's Waltz * Kincardine Lads.

Part folk band, part funk outfit, Junction Pool unites a diverse array of instruments, from fiddle to electric guitar, flute and whistles to djembe drums with pipes and brass.

Under the direction of ace piano player Harris Playfair, the band welds traditional and contemporary melodies with uplifting grooves and cutting-edge arrangements, resulting in an original and infectious musical experience.

"This folk big band raises the bar big time... The playing exudes crisp vigour and the writing has imagination to spare... Junction Pool is a mighty reservoir of talent. **** " (Rob Adams, Glasgow Herald)

"Ear-opening volley of musical fire from the rising Borders-based big band, fusing folk with all the juicy bits from jazz and funk, to great effect." (Radio 2)

"Packs plenty of energy and punch... Very enjoyable." (Kenny Mathieson, The List)

"An iconoclastic, irreverent, but deeply, rhythmically musical beast." (Norman Chalmers, Scotland on Sunday)

"A superior record... A wonderful band" (Michael Marra)

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