Joy Dunlop - Dusgadh (Awakening)

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(March 2010) 12 tracks: Nach Truagh Leat Mi 's Tu 'n Eirinn * A Mhairead Nan Cuiread * Air a' Ghille Tha Mo Run * Puirt a Beul: A' Mhisg a Chuir an Nollaig Oirnn / Gur h-e 'n Gobha Biorach Odhar / Meal do Bhrogan * Oran na Bantraich * Bithibh Aotrom 's Togaibh Fonn * Hi Horo 's Na Horo Eile * Suidhidh Sinn a-Mhain Gu Socair * Nochd Gun Chadal * Taighean Geala * Puirt & Dannsa * Thig Am Bata.

The debut release by Joy Dunlop, a singer from Connel in Argyll. Featuring an eclectic array of musicians and drawing on a wide range of influences, the unique blend of pure, haunting vocals and luscious musical arrangements results in an exciting new album that explores and exhibits the rich Gaelic song tradition.

With talents ranging from singing to television presenting, dancing to award-winning Gaelic journalism, Joy Dunlop certainly has more strings to her bow than most. Born and raised in the rural village of Connel in Argyll, she was immersed in Gaelic culture from an early age, which led her to graduate with an honours immersion degree in Gaelic Language and Culture from Sabhal Mor Ostaig and wholeheartedly embrace the Gaelic experience.

A multi-prize winning Gaelic singer and popular international performer, she combines her full time work Gaelic development work for An Comunn Gaidhealach with a regular stints on Gaelic television and radio. She also writes a monthly column for the Gaelic newspaper An Gaidheal Ur.

Joy is in great demand as a teacher, speaker and translator and can normally be found at most ceilidhs dancing up a storm and keeping the crowd on their toes!

With Paul Tracey (guitar), Andy Sharkey (bass), Patsy Reid (violin, viola), Susan Appelbe (cello), Martin O' Neill (drums, bodhran), Ross White (drums) and Andrew Dunlop (piano, harp).

"Joy has done much to promote the Gaelic language on both sides of the Atlantic. This thoughtful and engaging album reminds us that she is above all a talented singer. Her voice has the clarity of a violin, her style is sincere and expressive." (Dr Anne Lorne Gillies)

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