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(March 2020)

11 Tracks: A Mhairead Og (Young Margaret) * The Light Gatherer * A Fhleasgaich An Fhuilt Chraobhaich Chais (Boy With The Golden Hair) * I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight * Solas M' Aigh (My Hopes Light) * The Testimony Of Patience Kershaw * Puirt A Beul: Nighean Na Cailliche Crotaiche Crubaich / Fac Sibh Mairi Nighein Alasdair? / O, Tha n Tombaca Daor * Saints And Sinners * A Mhic Iain Ic Sheumais (Son Of John, Son Of James) * Cadal Cha Dean Mi Sleep (Sleep Evades Me) * Ae Fond Kiss.

A unique debut album by the talented sibling duo Joe and Andrew Dunlop.

From an early age, they were steeped in the rich, musical tapestry of Argyll but developed their talents in different ways.

Joy immersed herself in Gaelic song traditions and Andrew followed a classical path.

Dithis is a meeting and melding of their two worlds; marrying traditional Gaelic material with classical leaning accompaniments.

Dithis explores the paired back relationship of piano and voice, with light touches of harmonium and glockenspiel.

Raw, authentic live performances in English, Gaelic and Scots explore the universal themes of love and loss through the centuries, creating a fusion of musical unity and understanding that pushes traditional musical boundaries, whilst maintaining a distinctive air of authenticity throughout.

Recorded and mixed by Gordon Maclean at An Tobar, Isle Of Mull.

Sleeve notes include English translations to Gaelic songs.

Joy Dunlop (vocals), Andrew Dunlop (piano, harmonium, piano percussion, glockenspiel.

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