John Wright - A Few Short Lines

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(June 2000) 12 tracks: Lord Franklin * Raglan Road * Hills Of Ardmorn * The Kerry Recruit * Heaven To Be Near Thee * Starry Night * Ned Of The Hill * Helen Of Kirkconnell * Black Is The Colour * Rout Of The Blues * Galway Shawl * Carrickfergus.

John Wright is the front man and singer of the very successful John Wright Band whose touring schedule is quite remarkable.

John has a truly compelling voice, both strong and expressive - on this first solo album for many years, John has recorded some of his favourite songs, mainly traditional, with musician friends Steve Lawrence (guitars, bouzouki, mandocello, mandola, small pipes and whistles), Fraser Speirs (harmonica), Wendy Weatherby (cello and backing vocals) and Angus Lyon (piano).

"Certain voices are best regarded as a spiritual gift - this man's voice qualifies..."

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