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(May 2007) 12 tracks: Spirit of the Land * The Ballad of Charles Davenport * Journeyman * The Border * Thunder On * She Waits For Me * What Will It Take * The Outlaw * Reflections * Sisters * While I Am Here * Wild Mountain Thyme.

John Munro was born in Glasgow and ‘escaped’ to Australia at the age of 18 years. Having had a flirtation with folk music in Scotland, John found the local folk haunts in Australia and was soon immersed in the music.

John was a founder member of Country Express in 1969 and later Colcannon (Australia) in 1988, but he is probably best known as an accompanist to Eric Bogle. In his work with Eric, John has toured Canada, the USA and the UK six times, and Australia numerous times. He has also toured widely with Colcannon, including the UK, where they have achieved a high profile.

John has also made a name for himself as an inspiring and talented songwriter, best exemplified by his two historical song cycles The Kelly Collection and The Eureka Suite - the latter was recorded in 1999 by Festival Records, Australia.

John’s recording credits include eight albums with Eric Bogle, four with Country Express, nine with Colcannon, two with Mike Quarmby and one each with Margaret Christl (Canada), Mary-Jane Field, Irene Petrie plus Denis and Lynn Tracey, as well as countless guest appearances. His experience extends to production as well as performing.

In Australia, John has received two Celtic Music Club Awards for guitar and one for mandolin * two Folk Federation awards and two South Australian Music Industry awards with Colcannon – the latter being for Most Outstanding Contribution to Folk Music. He has also received three songwriter awards from the Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Association.

John decided to make this album of (mostly) his own songs, and to feature guitar and mandolins and not much more, but it grew - due to the inescapable talent that surrounds him in Adelaide. John remarks that the album "is the richer for it".

John’s songs are about things that matter to him, from the country that bore him to the one that has given him his home and family * from love songs to stories of personal tragedy and from rants against political correctness to his hopes for the future of the world.

The album was recorded in Australia and includes contributions from Kat Kraus and Emma Luker (both of Colcannon).

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