John Dew - Mackerel Sky

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13 Tracks: Prelude * Mackerel Sky * Merlin's Leap * Sunday Afternoon In Rattray * Osprey Flight * Tension On The Shore * Connor's Debut * The Vineyards Of Unang * Retreat Marches * The Town Of Venasque * The Salute - Part 1 * The Salute - Part 2 * The Marquis Of Argyll's Salute.

A debut album from composer, piper and whistle player John Dew.

'Mackerel Sky', explores multi-layered bagpipes and whistles inspired by the changing and layering of clouds in the atmosphere.

John Dew (pipes/whistles), Dylan Cairns (guitar), Eoghainn Beaton (bodhran).

"You may have seen on social media that I have released a single music video 'Sunday Afternoon in Rattray' in the build-up to the album release on the 27th of August this year. Within 24 hours this music video received over 1k views across social media and YouTube and has received press coverage from local and national papers. Many of the tunes in the album are in my recent 'Pipe Tunes' by John Dew tune-book which I released last December." John Dew.

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