John Dipper And Luke Daniels - Sleeping Giants

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(February 2014)

13 tracks: Rough Music * Guy Fawkes Night * Three Servants (song) * Paschal Moon * St George's Day * May Hill * Solstice * Sun Stations * Glory Of The Sun * Young Man (song) * Crying The Neck * Porch Wedding * New Year's Waltz.

John Dipper and Luke Daniels take you on a musical journey exploring our forgotten traditional calendar and annual festivals.

Sleeping Giants is a collection of music and songs compiled from and inspired by English manuscripts, traditions and customs which, over countless generations, from one year to the next, have fallen by the wayside.

Time has taken its toll on the ritual and festive year. Following the ravages of the Black Death and the collapse of the feudal system, the shortage of argicultural workers meant that landlords would compete for peasant's labour by offering higher wages and more freedoms. Estimates vary, but it is reckoned that, at certain points in our history, the common man could count on well over one hundred official days of holiday and festivity in a year.

For many reasons, the festivities and rites that have seen countless generations from season to season and from one year to the next have gradually fallen by the wayside. Changes in calendar have often served to move festivities from their original date just far enough for them to lose their original context.

Over the last 40 years, gradually, people have been uncovering, reviving and bringing back to life, these slumbering giants to guide us through the year once more.

Respecting the old adage of; convention can be broken, tradition must be respected; but only when you know which is which, here is an updated soundtrack to the ritual year, which will cause more giants to be revived.

John Dipper (fiddle, viola, concertina), Luke Daniels (accordion, guitar, vocals).

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