John Carnie - Far From Home

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(May 2008) 12 tracks (48 mins): Neal Slessor Thompson (Jim Sutherland) / The West Coaster (Angus Grant) * Edinburgh City Blue (John Carnie / Dave Moir) / Rory Gallagher’s Jig (Gordon Duncan) / The Banks of the Allan / Off the Tracks (J Carnie / Spider Mackenzie) * The Lea Rig * The Cunning Workmen (Tony Cuffe) / Columba (William Jackson) * Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast (A Thorburn) * Linda Brechins (Dave Tulloch) / Garster's Dream / Isabelle Blackley * Aandowin at da Bow / The Tongadale Reel (Farquhar MacDonald) / Loch Earn (Gow / Trad) * Pete's Polka (Sharon Hassan) * The Hut on Staffin Island (Phil Cunningham) / Jig of Slurs * Far from Home / Miss Susan Cooper (Ronnie Cooper) / Spootiskerry (Ian Burns) * The Lads O Duns / Shaalds of Foulla / Road to Banff (Malcolm Reavall) * Domhnall Dhu / Jenny Dang the Weaver / Hillhead (John Carnie) / The Web of Life (Carnie / MacKenzie)

Scottish traditional and newly-composed tunes played on the acoustic flatpicking guitar by John Carnie.

The first album of its type to feature an entirely Scottish selection of tunes flatpicked on the acoustic guitar, covering the entire spectrum of traditional music from Shetland reels through to Borders jigs, and from West Highland harp tunes to swingy East Coast hornpipes.

With Brian Shiels (double bass), Dave Moir (guitar) and Spider Mackenzie (harmonica).

"I have long played and taught guitar and been a fan of some of the great Scottish, Irish and American flatpickers. With this album we have tried to capture something a bit different and also hope to help raise the profile of the guitar in Scottish music." (John Carnie)

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