Jimmy Shand Jnr - Father and Son of Scotland

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(December 2003) 16 tracks: Medley: Rothesay O / Nicky Tams / Soor Milk Cart * Gay Gordons Medley: Rhodesian Regiment / Campbell's Farewell To Redcastle * Wild Mountain Thyme * Jimmy Shand Reels: Jimmy Shand Reel / Sherwood Rangers / Gordon's Favourite * Irish Two Step: MacNamara's Band / Hot Asphalt / Garden Where The Prairies Grow / Irish Washerwoman / Lovely Stornoway (with guest George Hamilton) * Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord * Larry O'Gaff Medley: Larry O'Gaff / Rollicking Dandy / O'er The Sea * Fear A Phige * Irish Hornpipes Medley: Stacks O' Barley / The Locomotive / The Jolly Beggarmen * Molly Lee Medley: Molly Lee / Harveston Castle / The Ploughboy * Mairsland Two Step * Braes Of Killiecrankie * Pipe Melodies Medley (with guest Jimmy Shand Snr): Dream Valley Of Glendarvel / Battle Is O'er / Dovecote Park * Doonaree * Now Is The Hour Medley (with guest Jimmy Shand Snr): Now Is The Hour / Aloha Land.

Favourite Scottish tunes on the accordion - also featuring Jimmy Shand Snr.

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