Jimmy Aldridge And Sid Goldsmith - Night Hours

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(March 2017)

12 Tracks: Bridge * Night Hours * Harvest Gypsies * Bonny Bunch Of Roses * The Ballad Of Yorkley Court * Shallow Brown / Jackie Tar * Marty And The Soldier * Willie O' The Winsbury * Moved On * The Grazier Tribe * Along The Castlereagh * Something Good.

A second album release from Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith.

'Night Hours' is a powerful collection of songs that brings a new relevance to the traditional music of the British Isles and showcases some poignant compositions.

The album links the hardship of working people throughout history with the struggles of marginalised communities today but it achieves it with a lightness and musicality that makes the album a joy to listen to.

Over the last three years the duo have built a reputation on the UK folk scene for arresting and moving performances. There is an integrity that shines through their performances, where a sense of justice and morality underlie every song.

They are supported on the album by James Gavin, Tommie Black-Roff and Dominic Henderson who play together as TEYR. These sparkling touches of fiddle, accordion, pipes and whistles give the album a driving energy.

Jimmy Aldridge (vocals, banjo, fiddle), Sid Goldsmith (vocals, guitar, double bass, concertina).

With James Gavin (fiddle), Tommie Black-Roff (accordion), Dominic Henderson (uilleann pipes, whistles).

"Every now and then an act jumps out at you and knocks you back. You're in for a treat." - Mike Harding

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