Jimmy Aldridge And Sid Goldsmith - Let The Wind Blow High Or Low

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(October 2014)

12 Tracks: Gaol Song / Trallee Gaol / Clinch Mountain Backstep * Chemical Workers Song * L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore * Paddy West * Hold The Lantern * Let The Wind Blow High Or Low * White Dove / Wynchburgh Junction * The Gardener * Keep Your Hand On The Plough * The Bonnie Ship The Diamond * What You Do With What You've Got * The Cottager's Reply.

A debut album from folk duo Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith who play traditional and original folksongs.

Although rooted in traditional music this album delivers a fresh interpretation of some well known tunes and songs.

Stories of hardship, joy, struggle and celebration with innovative banjo, guitar arrangements and vocal harmonies.

Jimmy and Sid grew up in East Anglia and their music influenced by the songs and singers from the area.

Recorded by Fellside Recordings.

Jimmy Aldridge (vocal, banjo), Sid Goldsmith (vocals, guitar), Olly Craigan (bodhran), Aaron Catlow (fiddle).

"The debut album ‘Let The Wind Blow High Or Low’ from Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith delivers traditional and original folk, laced with tunes from Ireland, Scotland and America, adding fine touches of innovation along the way. They explore the robust allure of narrative folk songs that thrives with artists who remain true to their roots but determinedly delve into wider directions." Tim Carroll, Folk Words.

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