Jim Malcolm - The First Cold Day

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(March 2009) 11 tracks: The Valley of Strathmore * An Hour in the Gloaming * Down in Alabama * The First Cold Day * Schiehallion * The Road Not Taken * The Train from Perth to Lochearn * The Shearing * Money Making Money * Maggie's Bairn * From the Clyde to the Susquehanna.

One of Scotland's finest singer-songwriters, Jim Malcolm has a warm voice, perfect for these folk songs.

With backing on fiddle, keyboards, guitars, harmonica, bass, banjo and harmony vocals. Some of Jim's own songs, some traditional, and a couple written by others.

"Quietly, unforcefully and undeniably stunning" (Mojo)

"A master of well chosen words and melodic inventiveness" (Rock 'n' Reel)

"One of the finest singing voices in Scotland in any style" (Living Tradition)

"Many harmonica players have made a full career out of less talent" (The Herald)

"Persuasive vocals and sheer, irrepressible rhythm" (Cencrastus)

"Jim Malcolm will just melt you in your seat." (The Scotsman)

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