Jim Malcolm - The Corncrake

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11 Tracks: The Merchant's Son * Hallowe'en * The Bonny Earl O' Moray * Clerk Saunders * Tattie Jock * Kelvin's Purling Stream * The Echo Mocks The Corncrake * My Mary * The Cruel Mither * When First I Came To Caledonia * Twa Recruitin' Sergeants.

The conclusion of a collection of traditional Scottish songs from singer/songwriter Jim Malcolm.

A friend of Jim's, Brent Rutherford from Fort Bragg, California provided the inspiration for the album 'Still' and this album 'The Corncrake'.

Brett was a great authority on Scottish ballads and gave Jim a list of songs for his friend to develop.

Sleeve notes with song lyrics and background information to the songs.

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