Jim MacKay's Dance Band - Mountain Tears

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(September 2007) The Drunken Piper * Alan C. Beaton * Jimmy Shand's Compliments To Ian Powrie * St Columba Doves * Peter's Peerie Boat * Macauleys Of Benbecula * Dancing Leaves * Thurso Accordion And Fiddle Club's 25th Birthday * The Janette Gibb Polka * The Pentland Jig * On The Fiddle * Uesdean Macbeath of Nairnside * Macedonia * Mountain Tears * Patricia Ann Douglas.

A village-hall style, and a full, robust sound with a 6-piece line-up.

Two Shand Morinos and a Riveria 5 row accordion, fiddle, piano and drums.

The tunes are mainly traditional with a few recent compositions, including several by Jim himself.

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