Jim Lindsay And His Scottish Dance Band - Reel Of The Puffins

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(September 2011) 14 tracks: Burnieboozle (Reel 8x32): Burnieboozle / Tam's Rockin' Fiddle / Laxo Burn / Stuart And Kenny THomson / The Inside Oot Fish Eater * Let The Hackles Rise (Jig 4x48): Let The Hackles Rise / The Spider's Web / Davie's Brae / Hoddum House * Gang The Same Gate (Strathspey 8x32): Mrs Dazell / Mrs Charlotte Renton / Lady Louisa Cornwallis / James McInnes Esq * Summer Wooing (Reel 8x32): Miss Brooke / Ruth's Reel / The Legacy / Santa Monica Bay / Miss Jane Of Violetbank / The Morayshire Reel * Marigold (Jig 8x40): Bel Fiore / Horn Concerto / Finiculi Finicula / The Mexican Hat Dance * Bruce's Men (Strathspey 3x32): Bruce's Men / Mr Jack Bishop / Brighills * The Highland Rambler (Reel 8x40): John Illingworth / Wrigley's Reel / Smith's Black Beauty / The Glasgow Reel * Mrs Stewart's Jig (Jig 8x32): Captain Charles Stewart's Jig / The Earl Of Morton's Jig / Harvest Time / Sir Torquil Munro * Sean Triubhas Willichan (Strathspey 8x32): My Dearie / Corn Rigs / O' A' The Airts / John Anderson My Jo / Ay Wakin' O / My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose / Green Grow The Rashes O / A Man's A Man For A' That * The White Cockade (Reel 8x32): The White Cockade / Bonny Mally Lee / Willie's Gaen Tae Melville Castle / Duncan Gray / There Was A Lad / Maggie Lauder / Hey Johnnie Cope / Kate Dalrymple * The Saltire Medley (Strathspey 48 / Reel 48): The Centenary Jewel / Sandy's New Chanter * Bedrule (Strathspey 8x32): The Annandale Strathspey / Mrs Moyra Sutherland / Stuart's Strathspey / The Aberdeen Festival / Miss Z Loughman * The Kelloholm Jig (Jig 8x32): The Kelloholm Jig / The Rock Valley Jig / Peter's Jig / Sam's Sugar Bush Jig / The Rusty Nail / Richmorra / Brogan's Cove Jig * Reel Of the Puffins (Two Chords) (Reel 4x32): The Black Bear.

Superb arrangements and some of the finest musicianship makes this CD an absolute cracker. Jim Lindsay has picked an eclectic mix of tunes and worked wonders on them.

All arrangements by Jim Lindsay.

Jim Lindsay (1st accordion, keyboards), David Hume (2nd accordion, keyboards), Ron Kerr (violin), Dennis Morrison (piano, bass), Malcolm Ross (drums).

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