Jez Lowe and The Bad Pennies - Northern Echoes

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(December 2008) : A Call For The Northern Country * Cursed Be The Caller * A Dream Of Steam And Freedom * The Boys Of Belly Row * Mary Martindale * Too Up And Too Down * A Hard Life * The Famous Working Man * All Trawl * Davis And Golightly * Bait Up * I'll Never Get Home/The Old Durham Waltz * The Sun And The Moon And Me * Chick Henderson's March * Northern Echoes * Fun Without Fools/Swiss Reel * The Honest Working Way.

Recorded at Jez Lowe's concert at Caedmon Hall in Gateshead and featuring mainly songs from his early repertoire.

The accompanying DVD shows footage from concerts in 2007 when The Bad Pennies were joined by Benny Graham and Shona Mooney.

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