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(March 2011) 15 tracks: Skea Brae * Partans * Erika * Shetland Pony Shuffle * Ashie Set * Iris Nicolson's Favourite * James and Emilie Kirkness * For Erica and Gayle * Sandy Lamb's Polka * Drunken Goats * Far O'er The Blue Waters * Magnus' Polska * Dr Coyne's and Fiddlan Aboot * Orkney Polkas * Luca.

Idiom is a sparkling blend of traditional, contemporary and original material, invigorated with jazz, blues and ragtime flavours.

Another superb album from Orkney sisters Jennifer (fiddle, viola) and Hazel (guitar, piano).

Traditional sounding jigs and reels alongside ones with terrific bluegrass or skiffle influences, sublime slow airs and lively polkas.

Guest musicians - Billy Peace (accordion, piano), Cathy Fink (banjo), Eamonn Coyne (banjo, tenor guitar), Ian MacKay (electric bass), Jim Walker (drums, percussion), Marcy Marxer (mandolin), Phil Anderson (electric bass), Stuart Shearer (lead guitar).

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